Rendering Reality
Rendering Reality Visuals help Retention, and effectively convey information, Animations take it a step further.

Nearly 66% of the people on the planet are visual learners. At Rendering Reality our goal is to effectively convey the information you deem important, with memorable clarity. Our animations demonstrate the need, highlight the action and feature the effect of your science. Effective sales require effective communications; we design the animations to quickly convey information making a memorable lasting quality impression.

The MIT study above titled "Beyond Memorability: Visualization Recognition and Recall” reveals the effectiveness of short but concise visualizations. Visualizations when accompanied by reinforcing text, labels and easy to understand pictograms can effectively communicate and increase retention even when viewed for a short amount of time.

by Arlene Caruso, an image of a bundle of flowers, showing a bounty of colors, greens, purples, reds, pinks, oranges and yellows ready for planting in the garden.
Animations demonstrate action and effect with realistic movements featuring all the benefits of still visuals in addition to movements and motions that help increase recognition and recall. Animations reduce confusion, clarify the facts, captivate, motivate, and quickly communicate a story to 66% of all viewers, now that’s a great sales tool!
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