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CSS impression/PNG animation from Original Rendering Reality animation
"Life in the Oceans of Icy Moons"
Why search for intelligent life inside an ice covered subsurface ocean? As we learn more about our search for life in the universe it becomes more apparent we need to follow the water, and go below the surface.
A heated nutrient pump that prevents the entire moon from freezing into one big ice cube?
Scientists think a combination of energy sources may generate the internal heat for the core, which in turn heats the ocean water. Salts along with other dissolved molecules would also assist by changing the freezing point of the ocean water, preventing freezing similar to earths polar oceans.
Rendering of G-coupled protien receptor beta unit depicting a surface with cut outs revealing secondary structure and molecular model.
"Beauty and Complexity of Nature" by Rendering Reality: Rendering Realitys depiction of a G-coupled protien receptor beta unit (GCPR). Our animation depicts the surface of the protein in blue, gold colored molecular structure, and secondary structure in a semitransparent purple. Touring the secondary structure truly reveals the beauty and symmetry we find in nature. Inside we can clearly see the torroid shaped body of 1GG2B composed of beta sheets and connected to one alpha helix. The tourous is internally subdivided into seven sections, this video reveals 1 section of the protein, similar to a flower with an odd number of petals.
Image from 3D Animation studio Rendering Reality
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Our 3D Animations tell your Story, whether it be miles away in orbit, circulating in the human body, or making business take place faster!
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CSS Impression Video from our longer playing mp4 video depiciting possible brownian motion in the secondary structure for the human prion protein". A proteins natural harmonic motions create a perfect opportunity to utilize a repeating CSS Impression which can be placed anywhere on our website. Full mp4 movie click here We specially rigged and animated each structure of the protein, with harmonic modulated wave packets. The sum of all the smallers motions creates a larger oscillation, possibly replicating “what a breathing protein looks like”.
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Our Art Image from Rendering Reality's animation showing a tarted medical treatment.  A gold nanopaticle delivering tartegeted antibodis to treat an infection Still image from our multilayer CSS Impressions Video depicting a
Gold nanoparticle delivering cluster of Blue targeted antibody to site of Bacterial Infection CSS Impression.

What is a CSS Impressions Video?
The next generation of an animated PNG (APNG)
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CSS Impressions.
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CSS Impression bunny style! -
to PLAY - Tap or click image and you can help Sunny Bunny achieve his Dream. To STOP video, tap or click outside of video.
"If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it"
Zig Ziglar
At Rendering Reality we help you achieve that dream.
What does a Bunny dream about? Our Bunny’s name is Sunny and he has one thought. He set a high goal, today is the day he will lift that paper bag! Tap or click the image to play the video and to to help Sunny Bunny achieve his Dream.
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Arlene joined the family business, after they were married. Tom and Arlene have been together for over 6 years now and are inseparable. Even their desks are side-by-side in the office. She has many years of customer service, sales and marketing skills. She helps with all office management, handles the social media posts and does graphics work. She loves helping Tom with ideas for animations, and does some of the prep work for the CSS Impressions videos. Call Arlene @ 1-760-509-6335
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Tom wanted to find a way to use the videos he had on YouTube in various ways like in social media, for blogs and especially on his own Rendering Reality website. He developed a new way to place a CSS only code into his company web server. He created a “Video Bridge” that allowed him to accomplish this, and CSS Impressions video was born. Tom considers himself lucky to be working daily with his wife Arlene they have a blast. Tom is a Science Geek at heart. Tom’s passion is working with color and creating realistic shades. His color knowledge comes from his years of color printing experience. He uses these skills daily to create his photorealistic CSS Impressions videos and Animations. Call Tom @ 1-760-509-6335
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Rendering Reality is a true family business that started with two brothers wanting to care for their family. John Tom’s brother does freelance work for the company as our 3D modeler and Illustrator. He uses his skills in CAD, organic modeling, assists with rigging and creating animations. Tom and John help each out with ideas for upcoming projects.
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Ideations Ideations: The formation of ideas or mental images

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